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gang crime fighting neighbourhood. >> good morning monday september 20th. >> good morning everyone let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. good morning we are going to start off with 680, those express lanes are between pleasonton and milpitas, they open today. solo drivers with fast track will be able to pay a toll and use the lanes, it is still free for car poolers, these are the fist express lanes to open -- first express lanes to open up in northern california. the proceeds will go towards a feature tolling project. we will keep you updated usually a congested area. hopefully it will relieve some stress for drivers. let's look at your forecast. here is tracy. >> thanks can i anna. coming up, a mixed weekend.
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even a few showers and sprinkles in the north bay yesterday. sunshine, temperatures warming up. lower 80s fairfield, concord, 79 liver more, oakland, fremont. 78 san jose, the closer you get to the coastline temperatures don't shift so much. vallejo and san raphael, 80s. we will look at more cities across the bay area and take a look what will happen for the first couple days of fall. it officially arrives wednesday. you are sure it didn't get here a couple weeks ago. >> felt like fall all summer long. >> thanks very much. 5:01 a.m. something new in the east bay a new way to avoid traffic jams makes its debut this morning right at this very minute. let's go to ann along interstate 680 in fremont where fast track users can be fast
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lane users. explain. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning you can speed up your morning commute along southbound 680 if you are willing to pay the price. some signs here behind me indicating the new expressway. i am along the auto mall exit along highway 680 southbound. the new express lane highway 84. south of pleasonton to 237 in milpitas. 14 miles of express plane. also, hov lane. conversion and here is how it works, a half mile before each entrance you will find a toll pricing sign and tolls will vary depending on congestion at that exact moment, they range from 30-cents to $6 if you choose to enter the lane your fast track trance ponder will be read by automatic sensors. once you are in the toll lane you can't exit until you get to mission or the end of the road at 237. as for entrances there are three of those first is just south of 84, then 8 miles later
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between washington and auto mall then south of mission. they expect a little bit of a learning curve so could be slow going at first. this is not new to california. we have these down in southern california. it is new here to the people that will be navigating through these lanes i just want to say we will have patience with you we know things will take time and this will become a learning curve. >> chopper 5 live above 680 as the express lanes makes its debut the first in the bay area. now when it comes to enforcement, chp officers will have this little device that reads whether or not someone has a fast track trance ponder driving in the express lane if they do not, chp officers will count the heads in the car. if there are not three people or more, that person could be pulled over and get a ticket.
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car pools, qualified hybrids, transport vehicles can still use it for free. that is one thing the other really important thing to mention if you have a fast track trance ponder in a car pool you have to cover it up so that the sensors don't read it which includes putting it in a mylar bag the one you were given with it immediately remember that or you will pay extra for no reason. >> oh, yeah, that mylar bag where did i put it. there is a fast track naves san francisco and elsewhere to get another one but good advise i know a lot of people have been waiting for this. i-680 fremont. three east bay cities are among the safest places to drive. hayward ranked number 26. fremont where ann is number 36. followed by oakland at 37.
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san francisco ranks 43rd. chp says that is probably because of the large number of pedestrians and bicyclists the safest city is hely thats, that -- selenas. police officers association held a news conference yesterday near the spot where two young trick-or-treaters were attacked by gang members last year. cutting the unit will leave people vulnerable and afraid in their own neighbourhoods. most murders in san jose are gang related. >> these impacts should not be tolerated, and our residents deserve a police response that specifically attacks this plague on our community. >> meanwhile the association took out a full page add criticizing the decision. mayor and city council support
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this because of budget problems. they said they will have resources to fight gangs just not with a unit solely dedicated. we expect to learn today where pg&e's most dangerous natural pipelines are located. the yuletity was asked for that -- utility was asked for that information following the san bruno explosion earlier this month. the mercury news reports pg&e told san jose and milpitas officials were told yesterday two high risk lines run through their cities, exact locations are expected today. pacifica residents holding a fund raiser for victims of the san bruno fire. it was held at good shepherd school. besides selling tickets itself they solicited donations of trips and gifts for a silent auction that event organized by the owners of mazettis bakery.
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>> we thought we could donate a few hundred dollars and turn it into a few thousand dollars. i think it will turn out better than that. thanks to the whole community for pitching in and people who donated. >> other community members have donated goods and services to the victims and one little league team went door to door collecting money they gave to the red cross. for the latest on the explosion and maps to show you if pipelines may be running near your neighbourhood log on to and click on links and numbers. links and numbers. >> more than a dozen grief counsellors will be at nevado high school this morning to help students cope with a car crash friday that killed a classmate and left a second facing felony manslaughter charges. the driver was drinking and speeding when he lost control of his bmw and slammed into a semi truck.
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a 16-year-old passenger died, the school that cancelled home coming events and rescheduled them for later in the school year. another check of weather and traffic. we will start with the commute. gianna you are talking about that new express lane. 680, from chopper 5 this is where the new express lanes are they opened up moments ago. head lights southbound 680. express lanes are pleasonton, milpitas, we have ann live at the scene who will bring us updates throughout the morning hopefully it will relieve some congestion for commuters through the area. elsewhere, head to our maps, a trouble spot, 31st, a power outage may effect your drive on city streets for traffic lights, treat them as a four way stop as you approach one. road work westbound 80 between dixon and leisure town. cal trans issued an advisory
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taking effect from 9 to 2:30 today and a first look at the bay bridge, metering lights are off. here is a look at your forecast. >> thanks. we do have areas of fog out there this morning, inland and in the valleys temperatures will be ranging from the mid- 50s to lower 60s. low clouds around the bay and low cloudfog around the coastline temperatures ranging from mid- to upper 50s. for the afternoon, the farther inland you go, the more you will feel it. 70s to lower 80s more sunshine expected today. 60s to lower 70s. sunshine a few clouds along the coastline lower to mid-60s expected for this afternoon. today we warm up cooler weather, yeah, the roller coaster ride of temperatures continues, today warmer but next couple days cooling down all over again. a look at your seven-day forecast coming up. back up to you. yeah, you can't really
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predict it. >> all over the place. >> she has a tough job these days. >> thanks very much. 10 minutes after 5. home on american soil. >> one the uc berkley grad says she is only one third free. east bay college will admit more students later this year. why they are able to add classes. iranian prison... u-c berkeley graduate sarah shourd is finally is finally ,,,, he een, what are you doing?
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have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. good morning you are looking at a birds eye view, chopper 5, fremont, 680. the location of the express lane opened up moments ago. we will continue to bring you live coverage. a complete look at your drive coming up in 6 minutes. >> thank you.
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after nearly 14 months in an iranian prison. sarah is finally back in the u.s. she spoke at a press conference in new york yesterday hours after landing. her fiance and friend are still in custody in iran. the three were arrested in 2009 accused of being spies after iran claimed they crossed the border from iraq. she said she won't be free until the two other men are released. not the time to celebrate. my dispointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing and i stand before you today only one third free. >> she was freed from prison last tuesday after officials in iran mediated her half million dollar bail. the mothers of the two men in prison requested a meeting with iran's president who is currently in new york attending the un assembly. cal trans east bay said it will admit -- cal state east
5:14 am
bay said it will admit more students. they have been granted federal stimulus funds that help eliminate budget deficit. its portion will go toward accepting more students at a time when some campuses have frozen admissions. >> across the system, csu campuses will be able to admit 10,000 new students. thousands of classes will also be stored. >> as we have been showing you the last 15 minutes or so a new express lane opened through the snow grade. >> that is the topic of our question of the day. would you be willing to pay to have an express lane on the freeway you drive on most of the time. send your comments to mornings at cbs or post your answers on our morning page. would you like an express lane. >> it varies how much it costs. >> if you are not in a hurry fine but if you are in a hurry and have that lane and gives you a nice fast drive to wherever you need to go. >> pays $5. go for it. >> the time now is 5:14.
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the numi auto plant is about to be reborn. >> how many jobs it will help create. we will be turning out a little extra sunshine that will help warm up our temperatures. we will take a look at your warmer afternoon highs coming up after the break. ,,,, you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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good morning live to chopper 5, a close eye on 680. this area of the new express lanes the first ones in northern california, this is in fremont head lights headed southbound 680 express lanes are between pleasonton and milpitas, 14-mile stretch will continue to keep our eye on this to let you know how this effects your morning commute. ann will also bring you live updates from the ground. a couple things to look for this morning eastbound 580, broadway off ramp closed an earlier accident looks like debris in the roadway cal trans is on the scene looking to get that out of the way. eastbound 580, broadway off ramp is shut down until further notice. checking the drive on the bay bridge. traffic very light metering lights are off, 18 minutes from the car key thats bridge to the
5:19 am
maze. making your way 80 some time today we do have a construction closure, various lanes closed down in effect from 9 to 2:30 today and trouble spots, a power outage heads up nor traffic lights in that area. tracy. >> thanks. our forecast this morning, areas of fog out there, especially inland partly cloudy conditions temperatures ranging in the mid-50s. to lower 60s. low clouds around the bay and low clouds and fog expected for the coastline temperatures mid- 50s to lower 60s. this afternoon, sunshine just a few clouds along the coast nice temperatures seasonal conditions around the bay. lower 70s and warming up inland plenty of sunshine, warmer spots lower 80s. today will be warmer for some, what do you mean for some? who? the closer you get, the farther you get inland temperatures
5:20 am
will warm up. concord 73, today 80, santa rosa going up 9, san francisco not so much for us but inland locations more sunshine and warmer temperatures, lower 80s morgan hill, los gatoses, cupertino, mid-70s, palo alto and redwood city, lower 80s. antioch and bridge wood, 82 walnut creek, 79 degrees, walnut and san leandro. north bay locations 66 sausalito, 75 san raphael, 74 mow have a doe and napa and petaluma. seven-day forecast, we warm up a bit but doesn't stick around long. tuesday and wednesday, more clouds coming into play, winds shift and we will see a cool down thursday and friday, temperatures will warm back up and take a look at the first weekend of fall. the 90s? yeah, saturday and sunday, warmest spots in the lower to
5:21 am
mid-90s. i know. back up to you. >> what a difference. thank you. let's look at this mornings top stories, the bay area's first express lane opening just a few minutes ago live pictures from chopper 5 around the fremont area. southbound 680, they can pay to use the car pool lane on the grade but they have to have a trance ponder. grief counsellors will be at movado high school to help students cope with a car crash that killed a 16-year-old boy. he was a passenger in the bmw. the teen driver was drinking and speeding when he lost control. >> san jose police union said the city is putting public safety at risk eliminating a unit dedicated to suppressing gang activity the mayor and other officials says the necessary. police can still fight gangs just not with a separate unit.
5:22 am
fremont's closed nummi auto plant is reborn. test la has hired former nummi employees and hopes to have a thousand by years end. crowds around the masconi center. oracles conference is under way. they are anticipating record atten dense the first appearance by mark herd. oracle founder and dell ceo are also key note speakers. the conference runs through friday. >> just remember to avoid that area. >> gianna will tell us more about that later. >> one big big conference there. 5:22 a.m. actor randy qaid and his wife in trouble again. >> why they were arrested inside a los angeles home. plus how about this,
5:23 am
politics the retired police detective trotting out his message through the central valley he's not the first police officer to come out in favor of ,,,,,,
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>> later today, san francisco expecting a daytime high of 69 degrees. mix of sun and cloud and plenty of sunshine, san leandro, 74 degrees. 80 degrees in danville and 83 antioch. take a look at more bay area cities in today's afternoon high in just a moment. thanks tracy. >> thank you tracy. >> he is not the first police officer the come out in favour of proposition 19 but he may be the first to do it on horseback. retired detective howard wool ridge will be riding through the fresno area until wednesday. get this he is making a statement he says he is making a statement aboard his favorite mare mystery, to legalize marijuana in california. >> i had two ladies in their 80s slow down for the green light, beep their horn to make sure i saw their two big thumbs
5:27 am
up. an excellent cross section of the state of california saying yes, we want to pass prop 19. >> they wanted something else with their tea and cookies in the afternoon. wool ridge road across the country five years ago to end the federal war on drugs. he is the founding member to have group law enforcement against prohibition. >> a santa barbara property owner called to say that squatters were living in his guest house illegally. >> do we have mug shots. police found randy and edie craig saying they owned the property since the 90s. he actually bought the home thee years ago and they were squatting there. he is accusing quaid and his wife of causing $5,000 worth of damage to the guest house. they tore it up. >> he has been in and out of trouble for quite some time. >> doesn't look real good does
5:28 am
he. >> no. more than a thousand homes evacuated in utah. >> next the wild fire threatening a neighbourhood near salt lake city. why machine guns may have started it. >> they say time is money that is the theory behind the bay areas first express lane. how that works coming up next ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 times per second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 2011 cts-v coupe. from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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kohara. and i'm elizabeth wenger. good morning. good monday morning september 20th. i am sydnie kohara. up and at them. >> i am elizabeth wenger. speeding up your commute this morning will cost you. ann is in fremont. a new lane on interstate 680. >> reporter: that's right. southbound 680 senole grade you can see this is what it is going to cost you right now if you want to use the express lane, the old hov lane now converted into an express lane. you can see it is $1 the price will probably go up as the morning continues and the congestion builds here along 680. now about a half mile past that sign, that is where there will be a sen sore that can read -- sensor that can read your fast track trance ponder and will read whatever price is there. that is how it works as for
5:32 am
entrances to the express lane. check out this map. three entrances the first south of 84 then 8 miles later between washington and auto mall and then just south of mission. cal trans tells us they expect a learning curve because these are not the exact same points you would normally enter and exit the freeway. i am here with sergeant trent of california highway patrol do you expect any drama or confusion here? >> we anticipate there may be slight confusion initially but we will have extra officers out to be a visible presence and conduct enforcement we strongly recommend take an extra 10 minutes to become familiar with this lane so you know the ins and outs safely. >> tell me about enforcement you have a special device you will use to read whether or not people have fast tracks. >> yes, there are tag raiders that officers -- readers that officers will have to let them know who has fast track and who
5:33 am
is a violator. we strokely recommend you don't take those chances and use the lanes safely. >> reporter: chopper 5 above highway 680. you can still use the hov lane same rules apply if you are a car pool free for you, motorcycle and trans port vehicles. that is all still free and another reminder, very important if you are a car pool and you have a fast track trance ponder in your car, cover your trans ponder up otherwise you will be charged for using the express lane even though it should be free for you and in order to do that, use the mylar bag provided to you when you got your fast track trance ponder. as i mentioned there is a chance for some confusion everyone just leave a little extra time. i know the car pool thing i think will be the biggest deal. a lot of people do you have your mylar bag? i through mine away a long time ago. >> elizabeth. >> you will want to have that.
5:34 am
if you are using it and a car pool no one wants to pay for something when you would otherwise get it for free. at this point it is just $1 but it will go up to 6 dollars as congestion builds all depends how the traffic is moving. >> all right thank you so much. ann live in fremont. speaking of fast track a growing number of bay area commuters are using it to pay their tolls. bay bridge, 77% of the morning commuters are now using fast tracks, actually twice as many as 2006. the san francisco examiner reports there was a big jump in fast track use earlier this year when trance ponders became required for car pools especially when the congestion pricing started. it made traffic move more quickly through the toll plaza maximum delay is down to 10 minutes from 19 minutes la year. >> sorry i didn't get a chance to ask, i know there are three entry points giannna maybe you can jump in on this. are there barriers to keep you
5:35 am
from jumping in and out along the freeway? >> they actually did three lines like usually a car pool lane it is just one, there are three lanes, dotted lines if that makes sense separate breaks within the line to show you where you get in and out but three lines, you cannot enter or exit or you will get a ticket. mostly like car pool. >> i am thinking what if you just want to jump in for a little while and jump back out. >> chp will be standing by. >> they are watching. >> trent will be watching. >> they are. >> looking elsewhere. >> you don't want a hefty ticket either. bay bridge as well live look metering lights up, not a bad drive, traffic light through that area other bay area bridges, golden gate bridge a little soggy but overall traffic is moving up to speed through there. we have reports of delays, mass transit, 15 minutes daily city
5:36 am
to to pleasonton. they are telling you to avoid the masconi center due to the oracle. here is tracy. our forecast today, will include areas of fog for the morning but also quite a bit of sunshine for the afternoon and temperatures warmer the day. lower 80s fairfield, antioch pleasonton, 70s veneer sha, oakland, san jose. 79 santa clara. 65 half moon bay, 69 san francisco lower 80s is he know ma and santa rosa. don't forget the 49ers taking on the cw. let's hope it will be a good game. that is a look at your weather and a little football for good measure. come on the reigning super bowl champs and 49ers.
5:37 am
>> fingers crossed. i will be in front of the television. 5:37 a.m. san jose police say the city is endangering public safety eliminating the department's gang and violent crime unit. they had a news conference yesterday and held it near the spot where two young trick-or- treaters were brutally attacked by gang members last year. cutting the unit will leave people vulnerable and afraid in their own neighbourhood. the majority of homicides in san jose are gang related we simply will not have the resources to address gangs today, like we did yesterday. >> simply we have taken what was dedicated wholly, solely, 100% to gang units, to gang activity and moved them over to another unit they will do that with other things. >> mayor and members of the city council support elimination because of the city's budget problems. >> grief counsellors will be at
5:38 am
a high school in north bay after a crash killed a 16-year- old boy. sharon ken is in movado to explain another teen is under arrest. >> good morning. >> reporter: good northerning sydnie. the school superintendent will be here to fill us in on the schools plans for the day including having 15 grief counsellors at the school this morning they will be here to help us students following that deadly car crash friday that killed one classmate and led to the arrest of a second. highway patrol officers say the 16-year-old suspect was driving four passengers friday morning when he was speeding, lost control and smashed into a tractor trailer carrying cattle. police arrested the teen driver on felony dui charges. one 16-year-old passenger died and three others were injured one still in very critical condition today. you had a young adult who made a very poor decision, starting from driving without a license, driving under the
5:39 am
influence of alcohol, and then driving at a high rate of speed, a total recipe for disaster. >> students say they had just had an assembly on the dangers of drinking and driving the chp is not releasing the names to have students in the meantime the school postponed home coming events for this week for three weeks, the grief counsellors expected today, also at three other schools were the victims subles go to class, hill middle, and hamilton elementary. where are pg&es most dangerous natural gas pipelines? the utility is expected to let us know later today. california public utilities commission asked for that following the san bruno explosion and fire earlier this month. the pipe that blew up is being examined to find out what caused the explosion. pg&e told san jose and milpitas
5:40 am
officials two high risk lines run through their cities, exact locations expected later today. >> pacifica residence held a benefit at good shepherd school in pacifica for victims of the fire. they also solicited donations of trips and gifts for a silence auction. other people are donating goods and services to the victims and one little league team went door to door collecting money for the red cross. for the latest on the explosion investigation, as well as maps to show you if pipelines may be running near your neighbourhood go to click on links and numbers. 1400 homes evacuated in utah this morning. that is because of a wild fire that started noon yesterday. it is already burned 2 homes, southwest of salt lake city the fire was started during an artillery training session at a national guard camp. some dry brush caught fire and 50-mile an hour winds pushed
5:41 am
those flames into salt lake valley. people are being asked to stay off their cell phones so lines can be kept open for emergency communication. it is 5:41 a.m. a new movie breaking the bank. >> coming up, the top films over the weekend. new ben affleck flick at the top of the list ,,,,,,,,
5:42 am
the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.
5:43 am
>> good morning from the traffic center live to chopper 5, looking at i-680. where the new express lanes opened up 45 minutes ago between pleasonton and milpitas. solo drivers you will need fast tracks to use lanes, and
5:44 am
solodrive car pool drivers you will need to hide those trance ponders. daily city, pleasonton, a delay due to an equipment problem, elsewhere a bit of a problem for people headed to san francisco. howard is closed between third and fourth streets advising you to use mass transit due to closures near the masoni center due to oracle open world and mason is shut down. eastbound taylor is also effected this morning. we found construction in effect that will be there until 6:00 a.m., southbound 101 from brisbane up to grand give yourself extra time through there. and here is a live look at 237 and 880, traffic fairly light, northbound 280 checking in with no delays. get traffic every 10 minutes,
5:45 am
from our radio partners, kcbs. here is tracy. >> thanks gianna. monday morning. here we go. let's look at what is going on outside the door. areas of fog especially inland. low cloudfog around the bay and along the coastline. warming up for many of you. the farther inland you get the farther away from the bay the more you will enjoy temperatures warmer than yesterday. lower 80s. sunny and seasonal, mid-60s. lower 70s sunshine a few clouds along the coast highs lower to mid-60s. warming up for some of you, let's look, concord 73, redwood city 73, santa rosa, 69 san francisco. today 80 degrees concord, 70 redwood city, 80 santa rosa. not so much of a shift, bay area temperatures and close to the coastline not much of a shift for you guys, today's
5:46 am
highs from yesterday's highs. 76 redwood city, 79 santa clara and mid-70s union city and fremont. warming up well on the east bay lower 80s pittsburgh, antioch, brent wood, 79 pleasant hill, dublin, 82 pleasonton. along the bay, lower 70s hayward, alameda, mid-60s berkeley and richmond. north bay locations, mid-70s san raphael, mill valley, lower 80s. fairfield, napa, sonoma, seven- day forecast, today nice, cooling down tuesday, wednesday with slightly more clouds expected thursday and friday warming up, wednesday will mark the beginning of fall it arrives wednesday night look at the first full day of fall pretty nice. looking at a warm up and saturday and sunday, 90-degree temperatures, yeah the lower 90s expected inland, lower 70s for the coastline that is what i call fall. that is a look at your seven- day forecast back up to you.
5:47 am
>> finally officially, so it felt like it a couple weeks ago thanks very much. 5:47 a.m. let's take a quick check of today's stories, a car pool lane in the east bay open to paying customers, even if you are driving a loan. these are live pictures of the monday morning commute it is easier for some because of the express lane opened southbound interstate 680 between employee son on the and milpitas. -- pleasonton and milpitas. grief counsellors will be at a high school to help kids cope with the death of a student. the driver was drinking and speeding when he lost control. san jose's police union is putting pub lib safety at risk -- public safety at risk by eliminating a unit dedicated to suppressing gang activity. they insist that police can still fight gangs just not with
5:48 am
a separate unit. a drama about bank robbers in boston is top at the box office. that is the town that opened up with more than $23 million in ticket sales directed by ben after elect who stars in the movie -- affleck who stars in the movie. this is his second effort at directing. >> rounding out the top 5, high school comedy, easy a came in second, $18 million. devil is a thriller about strangers trapped in an elevator. $12 million. resident evil, fourth with $10 million alpha omega, a cartoon earned $9 million. >> seen any of those? >> no, the last movie i thought was interesting was going the distance is that already out of the theatres? >> probably farther down the list but i have heard easy a and ben affleck's film very
5:49 am
good. yeah,. 5:48 a.m. a whale of a find at a zoo. >> next the fossil unearthed in san diego right now the f-d-a is meeting about genetically engineered salmon hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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for two beautiful ways to save. tint lating video. >> very excited about that. >> we have a new express lane that has owned so anybody in a -- opened so anybody in a hurry, jump in that lane for a fee. jump in that lane for solo drivers, commuters still free but cover up your fast track trans ponder. >> isn't there something else you can put it in if you lost your mylar bag. >> there is a fast track office two blocks from the station. >> yeah. right now food and drug administration is discussing genetically engineered salmon. more tint lating video. >> a live look. >> they will decide whether it will be sold in stores near you. >> if the answer is yes, it
5:53 am
could become the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. they say the fish is just as safe to eat but grow twice as fast. all right. well, surprising discovery among all the animals at the san diego zoo. >> yeah, you talk about the live animals workers digging a new water tank has week came upon a whale fossil some 3 million years old. a paleontologist working to unearth it believes it is a baleen whale or possibly a relative of the grey whale they are thrilled it is so well preserved and almost totally intact. >> a cool job if i didn't go into journalism, paleontologist. >> it would be. all right. this is some guy video. >> i know. >> a one of a kind tractor believed to be the largest in the world . big bud 747 two farmers in montana they can't use it because they are having
5:54 am
trouble finding new tires big enough for big bud so it is on display at a museum in iowa. i am going this next month i might have to see it. i will take a picture and bring it back. >> you are? i dated a guy from iowa. >> minnesota have come to see big bud it exerts a thousand horse power and uses 500- gallons of fuel. it is not very fuel efficient. >> what about your kids. >> we need a dude to discuss this. >> yeah, a dude. >> an express lane opened interstate 680. >> that's right >> have we mentioned that today? >> yeah, if you have been here since 5:00 a.m. we repeated it. would you be willing to pay to have an express lane on the freeway you drive on? john in danville e-mailed i love the idea of the express
5:55 am
lane but i question who makes these decisions no doubt 680 is packed but ever been on 880 in south bay or 580 near altamonte. those are busier highways, so not sure how 680 was chosen >> he has a point. near the altamonte pass have you seen that back up on chopper 5. >> they did discuss their next project may be 580. so he could be a much happier commuter. >> yes, it is long over due and there should be more. toll roads in southern california work fine why not here as well. >> they are all over chicago. this is the first of many to come. >> all right send your comments to us at or post answers on our facebook page and yes, we are social networking all over and also on twitter. >> so what about that new express lane? >> well, speaking of that, live to chopper 5,. >> another look. >> birds eye view i am a traffic nerd i am excited about
5:56 am
this this morning. southbound 680, through fremont express lanes opened up an hour ago, solo drivers will need fast tracks but car poolers can still use the lanes just hide your trance ponders so you are not accidentally charged. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. monday through friday it is in effect separated by double solid lines. enter points at 84, at mission and auto mall so give yourself extra time so you can get used to that area. so far so good. head to the bay bridge traffic is light, metering lights still off and delays for mass transit, bart 10 to 15 minutes. >> well, a few areas of fog out there, along the coastline, even in some of our valleys inland. conditions for the afternoon, nice, along the coastline mix of sun and cloud. lower 70s around the bay nothing but sunshine, i put a few clouds in there too.
5:57 am
lower 80s. wednesday, fall does officially arrive wednesday night first full day of fall, take a look. look at that sunshine in the 90s for the weekend. hawaii five-o it will be premiering tonight at 10:00 p.m. cbs 5. it is -- a lot of people looking forward to it if you saw the original version you are probably thinking is it going to be like that or something different. i thought i would give you the forecast in hawaii. rain showers, conditions upper 70s. the pre mere should be good. >> if you are jealous your neighbor is going to hawaii. don't be jealous. >> 10 it is past our bedtime. >> did you know there is a new express lane in the east bay? >> that's right the areas first express lane next how much it will cost you to ride solo in the car pool lane. we have a live report coming up. >> home free after more than a year in captivity what sarah
5:58 am
shored hopes the accomplice. what they are doing to help students following a deadly car crash involving several students. that story coming up ,,,, when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney.
5:59 am
when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.

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